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  原标题:骆惠宁:认同一国 珍惜两制 是香港同胞的福祉所系 也是香港明天的希望



  “Apologise and resign,” Iran‘s moderate Etemad daily wrote in a banner headline on Sunday, saying the “people’s demand” was that those responsible for mishandling the crisis quit。

  “They are lying that our enemy is America, our enemy is right here,” a group of protesters chanted outside a university in Tehran, according to a video posted on Twitter。

  A woman holds a picture of newlyweds, victims of the crash of the Boeing 737-800 plane, flight PS 752, as people gather to show their sympathy in Tehran, Iran January 11, 2020。 /Reuters Photo

  Other posts showed demonstrators outside a another university and a group of protesters marching to Tehran‘s Azadi (Freedom) Square, as well as protests in other cities。



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